STEM Clubs

There are numerous in-school and after-school clubs available to children interested in STEM-related topics. This list is far from complete, since there are no canonical lists for each school apart from IHS, so if you learn of a STEM-related club that's not listed here, please let us know about it.

High School Clubs

Ithaca High School

For a full list of Ithaca High clubs, see
  • Brain Team (Ben Kirk)
  • Code Red Robotics (Scott Breigle)
  • Green Team (Leslie Zolnik)
  • IHS Dev Team (Lucas Derraugh, Fred Deppe)
  • Math Team (Fred Deppe)
  • Remote Control Car Club (Bill Sauve)
  • Science Olympiad (Arti Jewett)
  • Technology Student Association (Bill Sauve)
  • TV Production (Steve Cass)

Lehman Alternative

Middle School Clubs


  • Math Club (Melissa Smith and Laura Jones)
  • Science Olympiad (Michael Peters and Steve Kirsch)
  • Theater Technology Group (Michael Peters and Caitlin Chan)
  • Woodworkers Club (Chris Murphy)


  • Green Team (Wayne Gottleib)
  • Math Club (Tom Fisher-York and Ken Charoenkajonchai)
  • Technology Student Association (David Buchner, Bob Walters)

Elementary School Clubs

Belle Sherman
Beverly J. Martin
Cayuga Heights

  • Math Olympiad Club (Grade 4: Marina Caillaud, Laura Jones; Grade 5: Rina Kumar, Allison Howe)

Fall Creek
South Hill

Community Clubs